The story behind the sounds and style of Electric Sex.

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Welcome to the music artist bio for Todd Murat, founder, and artist known as Electric Sex. Within the sphere of modern music, few strike a natural balance of classifiable and unclassifiable sound with the eloquence of Electric Sex.

A refreshing, audibly delicious treat those thirsting for something new will enjoy and savor.

During the spring of 2005 in San Diego, California Electric Sex discovered its roots in house and break beat styles. Over time, evolving into a silky, emotionally evocative fusion of sounds challenging the limits of any single genre. Electric Sex inspires a sense of energized tranquility through unique rhythms intertwined with spontaneous melodies, beautiful minimalist vocals, and diverse instrumentation. Read the Electric Sex electronic music biography by clicking the short or long version of the music artist bio above.
This electronic music biography was written by Todd Murat as his music artist bio to share his story with electronic music lovers all over the world. Through his deep love of unique music and eclectic people, artist and producer Todd Murat shares his story and ongoing journey with his music artist bio and personal blog.
Todd Murat - Founder of Electric Sex

Todd Murat