The story behind the sounds and style of Electric Sex.

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Within the sphere of modern music, few strike a natural balance of classifiable and unclassifiable sound with the eloquence of Electric Sex.

A refreshing, audibly delicious treat those thirsting for something new will enjoy and savor.

During the spring of 2005 in San Diego, California Electric Sex discovered its roots in house and break beat styles. Over time, evolving into a silky, emotionally evocative fusion of sounds challenging the limits of any single genre. Electric Sex inspires a sense of energized tranquility through unique rhythms intertwined with spontaneous melodies, beautiful minimalist vocals, and diverse instrumentation.
Todd Murat - Founder of Electric Sex

Todd Murat

Each track meticulously written and produced by Murat blends and bends genres into a sound that’s uniquely his alone.

Todd Murat aka Electric Sex returns after a decade’s long hiatus with his new official music release “finally”. This 7 track album reaches deep within the essence of Murat’s life through a rich landscape of vivid, lush, and beautifully distinctive sounds capturing the texture and dynamics of the human experience. A sensual blend of instrumental and vocal oriented music takes the listener on a dynamic ride that’s about the journey, not the destination.
In 1993, Murat discovered his musical beginnings playing bass in rock bands while also exploring electronic ambient and dance music.
Frank Murat and His Army Show Mobile Band - Early Jazz Bass Trombone Player Early 1960s

Frank Murat and His Army Show Mobile Band – Early Jazz Bass Trombone Player Early 1960s

Murat’s late father Frank Murat helped inspire his son to create music. Frank was a bass trombone player who ghostwrote, led and played in the jazz community during the 50s-60s alongside Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, and other players in the Pocono Mountains and beyond. Murat exemplifies his fathers diverse, idiosyncratic musical abilities in the sounds of Electric Sex and believes his father would be proud. Read More